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Retreat Dharma Talks at Nirodha Insight Meditation in Finland

Everything Leans–Interconnection and Emptiness on the Path of Freedom

Insight meditation retreat exploring dependent origination, emptiness, and fabrication, by inclining perception towards liberating ways of looking.

2018-12-01 (8 days) Nirodha Insight Meditation in Finland

2018-12-02 The Way We Look Shapes What We See 39:48
Nathan Glyde
There is always a little more we can see, and a little more we can learn; especially about how our way of looking is shaping what we see. There is always a way of looking shaping our view, there is no neutral mode, so we don't ever see the world passively. Understanding this brings a deepening understanding of liberation.
2018-12-03 Anything Can Be a Hindrance or a Teaching 50:33
Nathan Glyde
The 5 hindrances to deep ease are ways of looking at and relating with the world. By adjusting our view and creatively participating in the fabrication of body-heart-mind we can get free of these common entanglements of dukkhā.
2018-12-04 Vedanā - Meditation Instruction 48:10
Nathan Glyde
2018-12-05 Everything Changes But You 41:08
Nathan Glyde
Some very obvious things need to be looked at with more honest clarity; One of those is our sense of self. It just seems so obvious, practically undeniable, that “I am”. Yet a separate self is impossible to find; what a paradox.
2018-12-06 Mettā Pervades Awareness 41:37
Nathan Glyde
Opening the sense of awareness and letting it have the flavour of kind welcoming to all phenomena.
2018-12-07 An Appropriate Response 44:57
Nathan Glyde
Emptiness doesn't imply detachment, or that another's suffering doesn't matter. Understanding emptiness and Dependent Origination liberates love from self-concern, and opens wise ways to interact with and change the world. "The Sūtra says that outer things are not at all real – it is the mind that manifests in various ways. This teaching that dismisses outer forms was only a device to counteract the strong attachment that we have to things." –Chandrakīrti
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